Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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What Is Self Confidence?

Self confidence means that a person trusts in their capacities, judgment and abilities; they value themselves and feel worthy and feel that they can meet any challenge that comes their way. Confident behavior includes doing what a person believes is right even when others disagree and even mock them for it. It inheres in a willingness to take risks and make greater efforts to achieve desirable outcomes. It also, however, means that a person is willing to admit his or her mistakes and will learn from them.

Self confident people tend to be more positive about themselves and the situation they find themselves in. People that lack this quality and ask ‘What is self confidence?’ are often prey to negative thoughts and opinions about themselves and their abilities which turns into a vicious cycle. Confident people, by contrast, tend to inspire others including their social group, work colleagues and clients which can tend to lead to success in all aspects of their lives.