Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

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What Is Student Engagement Software?

Student engagement software enables educators in educational institutions to track and increase student participation by providing communication and reporting functions to students. These include direct messaging functions that enable educators to connect with students quickly in a chat-like environment that is familiar to them and puts them at ease.

Engagement between classmates is also increased through engagement software, especially those who are reluctant to speak up in class or have difficulty forming social connections with their peers. The software enables these students to participate in classroom discussions in another way through live chat. This allows questions to be sent by students (who may be reluctant to speak in the classroom) to both educators and other classmates who can then engage with each other in real time.

Educators have found, counter-intuitively, that technology actually helps students to communicate, collaborate and thus engage more with other students that its use in the classroom need not be an inhibitor to student participation.