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What Makes A Great Hockey Goalie Jersey?

When it comes to Hockey Goalie Jersey, there are many options to choose from. The number one jersey is the most coveted of them all, and it is an important part of your gear as a goaltender. Although many goalies dream of playing with that number, there are some other styles available.

A good hockey goalie jersey should have two distinct areas of coverage—a low lie in the side of the net that touches the outside of the goal. The stick side, high, and pad side are the two areas where the puck can be hit and saved. The low lie is where the stick is closest to the goal post. The high lie is where the puck is blocked or pushed by the goaltender’s body.

A low glove side is where the puck goes when the puck is being carried into the goal. This save type is usually made using a butterfly technique, while a high stick side is the goal post. This style is best for defending against angled rushes and wraparounds. On a low stick side, it is difficult for the opponent to lift the puck over the goalie, and this is where a high stick side is useful.