Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

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What To Avoid When Speaking With Elderly People

When it comes to talking to the elderly, there are some boundaries you should never cross. Some seniors can be more emotional than others and tend to take words personally. Many aging parents suffer from dementia and this often interferes with their mood and personality. But if someone has always been veracious or disagreeable, their personality could magnify in their golden years. Most elderly caregivers encounter challenges when dealing with such individuals. But the best way to handle harsh circumstances is to avoid triggers that may bring miscommunication or unpleasant behavior.

The Don’ts of Starting a Conversation With the Elderly
You want to avoid unsolicited advice because it may feel belittling to the elderly. Simply support and encourage them without trying to counsel. One of the mistakes that home-based caregivers make is the use of high-pitched voices. Avoid this ‘elder speak’ even if they didn’t hear the first time. Maybe they missed a word. Also, an older person appreciates if you ask them directly instead of asking another person how they are doing. Treat them like other human beings and avoid the notion that they don’t understand clearly.