Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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What You Get With A Mystery Snack Box

The Mystery Snack Box takes the adventurer for a little journey in food land. There are so many diverse types of snacks and new ones are being invented every day, so naturally the occasional mystery is a very viable possibility for the adventurous person who likes trying new foods.

The mystery is unique but still well within conventional norms. You’ll never get a mystery box filled with roasted ants or any other insect. The foods presented will always fall within traditional norms: vegetable or fruit chips, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coated pretzels, wafers, crackers, rinds, and cheeses.

If you order an international snack box, you could end up with any number of unique snacks including a lot of candies from all types of sources. Snacks strictly from the United States are a well-known quantity, but the international variety will have some unique eye openers included in the bunch.