Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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What Your Child Will Learn At Robotics Camp

Robotics camp is the perfect place for the technically curious child. These camps open the world of robotics to the hungry mind offering them their first exposure to learn the tenants behind artificial intelligence, machine learning and visual coding. The kids also get a chance to build an actual robot.

They get to fill their summer with learning and experimental fun with robots, every kid’s fantasy. It doesn’t require any educational prerequisites, just a willingness to learn.

This summer will not only be great fun, but it will also be a first step in preparedness to enter a future filled with opportunities in an industry poised to generate $1.5 billion by year’s end.

It will be a time of challenge and good old-fashioned excitement as kids compete to design and program their newly built robots to do certain tasks. This camp is a time for education, fun, and challenges.