Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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What’s WCB Alberta About?

There are two distinct differences between the Workers Compensation Board Alberta(WCB Alberta) and those in other regions. First, in Alberta, workers’ compensation claims can be initiated by any member of the workforce. Second, the Workers Compensation Alberta cannot institute a suit before the provincial court has jurisdiction. This means that even if a worker believes they are suffering from wage loss due to ill health or injury at work, the Worker’s Compensation Alberta cannot force the employer to pay. Suppose the employer does not follow the procedures required by the Workers’ Compensation Act. In that case, the injured worker has no way to recover the money or benefits awarded.

It is important to understand that the Workers Compensation Board Alberta, unlike its Canadian counterparts, requires employees who file workers claim to be represented by a lawyer. Therefore, if you have a case, you should hire an attorney. In addition, if you need representation and do not have one, you must obtain legal advice before filing your claim with the Board.