Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Why Use Refurbished Wood?

Most refurbished wood comes from old structures that were taken down to make way for new buildings. Instead of throwing away the materials, these are salvaged and cleaned for reuse. Recycling lessens the burden on forests and minimizes waste.

The nails are removed, the dust is wiped off, and the uneven surfaces are sometimes planed for a smooth finish. After all the work, the result are pieces that anyone would be proud of to display in their homes.

Indeed, many use these to make furniture in their homes. These are perfect for DIY projects like furniture and finishing. The end-result will look much more appealing with the beautiful patina and gorgeous grains.

The wood may be old but it is often more durable than currently available lumber. Barnwood used to come from century-old trees. Many of these are already gone and what remains are being protected. Refurbishment allows interested parties to enjoy them again.