Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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Wine Cellar Designers Can Help You Store Your Bottles

If your wine collection is growing and you’re running out of space, it might be time for a dedicated wine cellar. This may seem impossible, but depending on where you live and how much wine you own, a professional designer can help you maximize your space and both protect and display your prized bottles of wine. Look for wine cellar designers who can help create order out of the chaos your expanding collection may cause.

An experienced cellar design team will evaluate your climate and your house to determine where your cellar should be located and how it should be set up. They’ll also look at the wines you currently own and talk about how many additional bottles you intend to acquire over the next year or five years. Then, they’ll discuss organization and aesthetics and come up with a plan that will showcase your best bottles and keep your everyday wines easily accessible.