Sun. May 19th, 2024

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Wood Sculptures: What Woods Are Used?

Wood sculptures can be quite intricate and detailed. While most are far less complicated in their definition, many are very time-consuming pieces for the artist. The best carving woods are as follows:

1) Oak is the hardest and the most often used by professionals. It is almost impervious to insect infestations and rot.

2) Basswood or linden is a soft wood that most new wood carvers select to make their first projects with. It is also very affordable.

3) Aspen is a softer white wood. Not as soft as basswood but far softer than oak. This wood is quite common and very inexpensive.

4) Butternut is a brown wood that is quite soft. It is sometimes called white walnut. It is still brown but not very dark. This wood polishes very easily and shines brilliantly.

5) Black walnut is a wood that is as heavy and sturdy as oak. It is also expensive.