Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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6 Creative Ways To Pair A Crossbody Bag With Your Outfit

As with most fashion trends, what’s old can always be made new again. This is no different for the Mario Valentino crossbody bags.

Rectangular or square-shaped with rounded edges, the crossbody designer bags have a modern, carefree vibe that makes them very popular. They come in small or medium sizes and can be styled for any occasion. They are also designed with adjustable straps that allow you to wear the bag on one side of your body. But a crossbody bag is not always easy to style. Here are a few styling guidelines to help you fashionably pair them with outfits.

Play with Contrast

Bright outfits with dark-colored crossbody bags go well. The contrast allows both pieces to stand out while still complementing each other. Say you have a long white summer dress, pair it with a nice black bag and some white sneakers. This also works for dark outfits and light-colored purses. The contrast is sure to make your bag stand out and is perfect for casual occasions when you need to pull fun and cheerful silhouette.

Style Your Outfit with a Chain Strap

If you’re going for a dressier look, a chain strap across your upper torso is perfect. A colored strap bag can sometimes take the eye away from a dress. But a subtle chain strap allows the outfit to stand out. It enhances your look without distracting it.

Blend Your Bag With Part of Your Attire

Sometimes matching a part of your outfit with a bag can be a great way to style a look. It is more of an official look but should look great anywhere, anytime. Get a crossbody bag with a strap of the same color as your top, coat, dress for a sophisticated feel.

Patterned Outfit with a Plain Bag

This style option is great for both casual and formal outfits. A striped shirt, for example, with a plain colored bag or vice versa, balance out nicely. A formal dress with a patterned bag also makes for a striking appearance. Avoid stripes on stripes as they’re so overwhelming. A plain bag on a plain dress won’t work either.

Style It Over a Loose-fitting Dress

The strap on a crossbody purse pulls your dress top or shirt towards your body. By wearing it on top of a loose outfit, it helps to accentuate your figure. Whenever you wear oversized coats and tunics, make sure you have a crossbody bag to flatter your figure.

Mario Valentino Crossbody Bags work with any dressing style for any occasion. These bags are the perfect finishing for most, if not all, outfits from casual to functional and black-tie events. Make them your on-the-go accessories and hands-free options for running errands.