Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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Achieving Safety & Awareness: A Look At Effective Training Videos

Safety training videos are a great way to keep safety top-of-mind for employees. These informative and entertaining videos should be clear, simple, and easy to understand. This article discusses 3 effective safety training techniques that can help you create safety awareness in your workplace.

Keep the video short.

Your safety training video should not exceed 2 minutes in length if possible. If you have more than one topic to cover, it may make sense to create separate videos rather than trying to cram everything into one long video. Brevity is vital when it comes to safety!

Make sure the information is relevant.

Employees will only watch safety films if they are applicable or exciting. Use industry-specific examples whenever possible to make the video more relevant to your employees.

Include humor where possible

Safety films can be dry and boring, but they don’t have to be! Incorporating humor into your safety videos will make them more engaging and memorable for employees.

To conclude, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all employees are aware of workplace safety protocols as an employer. One way to do this is by creating effective safety training videos.