Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

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Ambience And Entertainment: Consulting A TV Design Professional

Today, many householders are placing their main television set above the living room fireplace. Thanks to modern technology, flat-screen television sets now sit comfortably upon walls, with the minimum of support. Since household occupants tend to group about the visible source of heat and the center of entertainment, this arrangement generates an atmosphere of ambience, comfort and togetherness. However, there are a number of things to remember.

First, heat rising from a fire can damage a television set. The solution is to fit a heat shield over the fount of heat, deflecting it away from the sensitive apparatus. Next, allow for ventilation space about and behind the TV. Be sure to securely mount the flat-screen upon the wall; never place the set upon a mantelshelf unless you are certain that the mantel is strong enough. Finally, do not neglect wiring from power sockets and other apparatus, such as DVD players. Overall, it is advisable to consult a TV above fireplace design professional at the outset, who will create a safe and harmonious arrangement in your home.