Thu. May 13th, 2021

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Brow Lamination Thickens Eyebrows

Thin, bushy and misshaped eyebrows are unattractive and can make people feel self-conscious One of the best remedies for these and other issues such as sparse, over-plucked or thick eyebrows is Brow Lamination. This noninvasive procedure typically takes about an hour and can be done in one session. Plus, it is affordable and safe. Brows will be transformed and will have an even and glossy finish after the smoothing gel is applied. Generally, lamination lasts for about eight weeks. Many have this done before attending various events like weddings, parties and business meetings. It is a highly popular procedure due to the fact that it eliminates a variety of problems like thinning, gapping and unruliness. Brows are defined and look neat, thick and properly shaped once the process is finished. Lamination fills in, trims and shapes eyebrows and gives them a dramatic appearance.