Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

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Dressing Your Best Friend In Small Dog Apparel

Small dogs come with a number of benefits over the larger breeds. They’re easier to travel with, they take up less space, and they’re fun to dress up. Small dog apparel is more popular than ever, as dog owners are styling their pooches with pajamas, casual clothes, and even high-end designer apparel.

Typically, it starts with a sweater. If your little dog gets cold a lot, you’ll want to provide a layer of warmth. The sweaters are so cute that you’ll want to buy some lighter items for when the weather cools. Small dogs can even wear pants or skirts. They can settle into some cozy sleepwear for the night and put on a raincoat when it’s wet outside. A snowsuit might be in order if you and your pup live in colder climates. Don’t forget the accessories. Make sure your dog has a collection of leashes and collars.