Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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How Babies With 8-Month Sleep Regression Behave

Watch carefully for clues that your child is experiencing 8-month sleep regression. The first sign is fussiness. Babies who don’t get enough sleep in a period of 24 hours tend to be cranky. Generally, an 8-month old baby needs 12 — 15 hours of quality sleep per day, including daytime siesta.

Due to insufficient rest, babies may act upset or clingy when they are away. They also hold on tight when you’re with them. Watch out if they start waking up more frequently at night. Sleep regression is also to blame for restless nights of sleep and trouble falling asleep. Sometimes, take a nap more than usual in the daytime to compensate for the sleep they lost at night.

If you have noticed sleep regression in your 8-year-old baby, give it time because it is a temporary condition. Consider seeking help from a babysitter or your partner because the phase will soon pass.