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How Long Will It Take Me To Get Sober? (3 Supporting Points)

It’s an important question: how long will it take me to get sober? There are a lot of factors that go into how long sobriety lasts, and no one can answer this question for you. However, we can provide some insight on how long sobriety might stay based on the following points:

How much alcohol is consumed

It’s important to consider how much alcohol someone consumes when determining how quickly they may achieve sobriety. For example, if an individual drinks between 20-30 units every (that’s equivalent to two or three bottles of wine, respectively) per week, it could take up to a year for them to achieve sobriety.

It’s not just how much alcohol is consumed but also how often.

But it’s not just how much alcohol is consumed that determines how long it will take someone to get sober; how often the alcohol is also consumed matters. For example, suppose someone drinks heavily on weekends (finishing 30 units in two days). In that case, they may achieve sobriety faster than someone who only drinks moderately during the week (consuming five teams over seven days).

Whether they have any emotional issues or not

The final factor that determines how long it will take someone to get sober is whether they have any emotional issues that need to be addressed as part of their rehabilitation process. If, for example, someone has struggled with alcoholism for many years because they use alcohol to self-medicate and deal with their problems, they will likely need longer than someone who doesn’t have any underlying emotional issues.

So how long does it take the average person to get sober? It really depends on a variety of factors, but in general, most people achieve sobriety within one year. However, if you struggle with severe alcoholism or have some underlying emotional issues, it could take significantly longer.