Fri. May 24th, 2024

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How To Run An Agile Business

The agile approach to business development involves a focus on customer needs and the emphasis on being able to change processes quickly in order to meet these needs rather than sticking to a rigid plan or approach.

To run an agile business requires the creation of a flexible organization that is capable of reacting quickly to unpredictable changes in the business environment or customer demands. This type of business should be capable of supporting itself during the development process which is iterative and delivers just enough planning and roadmap to provide desired goals but is open to significant change.

It should place customer requirements at the heart of the strategy through the following:

• Enabling individuals to have more flexibility, so that they continually focus on improving the customer delivery process.
• Ensuring teams and groups have good communication channels so that they can adjust to changes rapidly.
• The entire business is willing to adapt its structures and processes to meet changes in customer needs.