Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

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Innovations In Athletic Knit Fabric

Athletic knit fabric is among the most exciting fabrics being knitted today. The reason for the excitement is the new fabric content that is being used to make these fabrics more comfortable to wear during athletic endeavors. These clothes are not only breathable and water wicking, but they also have additional qualities aiding the athlete as well.

Polyester fibers have been coded to wick sweat away. Now, with further innovation, those fibers can also form a waterproof barrier while still maintaining breathability.

Using certain fiber combinations will deliver specific desired properties. Bamboo combined with rayon or viscose can make aa athletic fabric antimicrobial, soft and durable. Combining merino wool in athletic clothing seemed undesirable, but that wool is far less itchy when touching the skin. Combine it with spandex and it makes a great fabric for training and performing in winter sports as it offers the wearer much added warmth.