Fri. May 24th, 2024

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Some Trending Outfits In Fashion

As the effects of the pandemic slowly abate and people begin to leave their homes, there appears to have been an effect on fashion as well as some of the following trending outfits show:

• Colored Sweatpants

It appears that people who have been wearing sweatpants for the duration of the lockdown want to continue doing so as the restrictions end. The demand for sweatpants shows no signs of diminishing with people looking for bright, candy-colored examples to wear as they go outside again.

• Tractor Boots

This designer trend from last year features boots with huge, rounded toes and thick rugged soles that look more at home on the farm than the catwalk. They do, however, also go well with sweatpants and are hard wearing so may be worth the investment.

• The Shacket

Brushed plaid shirts that are thick enough to be worn as jackets (hence shacket) but are not as heavy as a coat are another fashion look that seems to have been inspired by workwear.