Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

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Labuan Bank Account: All You Need To Know

Labuan is a small island in the Malay Peninsula, located off the coast of Borneo. Labuan has about 50,000 people, and a Labuan bank account is one way to save your money from tax. Labuan Bank Account will not be taxed if you are residing outside Labuan. Still, there are many other advantages as well. Labuan’s financial system ranks among the most stable banking systems in the Asia-Pacific region. Labuan is also a tax-free island for Labuan Citizens and Labuan Permanent Residents.

How do you open a bank account?

You can open the account online in less than five minutes or call us for more information on how to open an account over the phone. Labuan is also ranked among Asia’s best-performing economies. Labuan has experienced rapid economic growth since the 1960s. Labuan also boasts one of the most stable banking systems in Asia. Labuan has an excellent reputation for good governance and sound financial management, as well as a transparent and corruption-free policy environment.

You can use Labuan Bank account anywhere on Labuan Island, where we have branches or access points available. Visit for more information.