Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

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Level 4 Ballistic Shield: What Makes It So Tough?

The level 4 ballistic shield is an impressive level of protection that can withstand a variety of attacks. The level 4 ballistic shield is one of the toughest shields. Many things makes it so tough, including the materials they’re made from and their ability to stop projectiles. It offers protection from most rifle rounds and even some handgun fire. Level 4 has a steel plate, so there are no gaps for bullets to penetrate through it. It also has bulletproof glass, so this barrier will stop any bullets that do get through before they can cause damage.

  • They use high-quality materials like Kevlar, steel wire, and aluminum
  • The material has a 6mm thickness, which deflects bullets and other threats
  • It’s able to absorb any impact no matter how strong
    Ballistic plates make up the majority of the level’s construction and provide ample coverage for ricochet angles and direct impact angles to increase your safety while wearing them.