Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Little Known Secrets About Thailand Diving

Are you a passionate diver looking for a new destination for your upcoming dive? There are many sites to explore. But for maximum experience, prioritize Thailand diving destinations. Here are some facts to know about.
Thailand is termed as real heaven by many divers due to its beautiful diving spots. Explore those amazing destinations. Diving here is amazingly affordable. Besides, temperatures are good all year round. You can pop in anytime.

It’s a big country with no specific diving zone. The gulf of Thailand enjoys exceptional visibility from May through September. Andaman Sea runs from October to April. This makes it possible for divers to enjoy incredible visibility all year round.

If you’ve never been to diving sites with clear underwater visibility and full of marine life, Thailand sites will amaze you. However, to enjoy the view, make sure you pick the perfect place for the season. Ask for recommendations or check reviews.