Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Travel The World On Airline Miles

One solution to how to travel the world is to use airline frequent flyer mileage. True, you’ll need a lot of miles to do so, but it’s now so easy to accrue mileage, not just by flying but by shopping, dining out, taking out a mortgage or donating to charity. Airlines now also allow you to transfer mileage between different people, buy miles, and most airlines have reciprocal agreements with other airlines, meaning you can use your miles to travel just about anywhere. And one of the easiest ways to accrue airline mileage is to take out a credit card that gives miles; it doesn’t take much to accrue enough mileage for a round trip ticket to Europe. Some travelers have become expert on applying for cards, using them to get as much mileage as possible, and then canceling the card before taking out another one!