Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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Powder Dosing Valve Designed For Health Care Units

A Powder Dosing Valve is a device designed to allow the consumer to pour out the recommended dosage of a drug, with no need for measuring or monitoring the amount of medication administered. This type of valve can be used in any type of powder medication. The valve itself can either be snap-fitted into the dispenser or be built into the pump itself. It is generally made from metal, but other materials such as plastic or rubber may also be used. Depending on what type of valve is used, it will have a series of tabs attached to it that ensures that it is secure at all times. Some valve designs will have a key on the outside, which the doctor uses to unlock the valve and release the powder.

The most common use for a powder dosing valve is when the medication dose is over the recommended dosage. In this situation, the valve will allow the patient to pour out as much of the medicine as they require.