Fri. May 24th, 2024

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Shopping For An Indoor Or Outdoor Rectangular Ottoman Cover

Rectangular ottoman covers are available to revitalize indoor and outdoor furnishings. With the indoor covers, they often are frequently made from an industrial stretch upholstery fabric. This fabric could be jacquard in slipcover weight

With the outdoor weight slipcovers, the fabric is tear and abrasion-resistant, exceptionally durable, and feels very much like vinyl. Its PVC coated polyester at 1000 denier. It’s also UV resistant and waterproof.

These rectangular shapes are made to fit the standard dimensions of a 42-inch length by an 18-inch depth, and a 15-inch height for the outdoor ottoman. The indoor ottoman covers will fit a length variable of 35.4 to 45.7 inches, a width variable of 23.6 to 30 inches, and a height variable of 15.7 to 19. inches. The amount of stretch built into this fabric gives the purchaser a lot of giving in case of a measurement mistake.