Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Whether we practice it or not, we all know the importance of daily exercise, especially when it comes to strengthening our muscles. We go to great lengths to carve and sculpt slim, toned arms, legs and abs but never think about the other very important muscles we should be working on. I’m talking about the pelvic floor.

The process to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor is fairly simple. Breaking into the habit of doing it on a regular basis is what’s hard. The primary method to tone these muscles is Kegel exercises. This is where you pull in your pelvic muscles and squeeze for a few seconds, release and repeat a certain amount of times.

The advantages of doing these exercises include:
-better bladder function
-prevention of organ prolapse
-improved circulation
-prevention of bladder and urinary issues

Now that you know how to do them, make sure to add these exercises to your daily itinerary so you get in the habit of doing them. In a few short weeks, you’ll start to see results that will benefit you as you age.