Sun. May 19th, 2024

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Tasting Vessel For Beverages

A Tasting Vessel is a receptacle that the taster looks through to determine the flavor and aroma. Though some people refer to a Tasting Vessel as a wine decanter, this is often inaccurate as the Tasting Vessel is generally used to prepare and serve alcoholic beverages. The name is derived from the fact that the liquid poured into the decanter (and subsequently served) is considered the vessel that is tested. The vessel may be made of clear glass or made of lead or metal, but the most common material is porcelain or glass.

The present invention is directed to a uniquely designed rim on a Tasting Vessel that prevents the bottom portion of the vessel from dropping down and making the liquid spill out onto the table. This uniquely designed rim also makes it possible for the user to pour the beverage directly from the top of the Tasting Vessel onto another item without pouring it over the vessel’s rim. Such a process would make it necessary to place the Tasting Vessel on a table to be easily handled. However, such a setup would be awkward and would require adequate space for other accessories and furniture needed for a successful beverage vessel tasting experience.