Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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The Western Union Money Flip

You may have been or know someone who was a victim of a Western Union money flip. If you are sent a check, asked to deposit it into your bank where (you do business) and they are likely to forward you some part of the total until the check clears the bank it was drawn on sometime later. Meanwhile, you’re complying with the scammers request to send them some portion if not all the money to enable them to send you an even greater sum of money.

Wake Up! You are being swindled. You will never see that larger sum of money and you have just sent the scammers the full amount of the fake check that will bounce in your bank. Now, you are out of the money for the bounced check which you sent to the scammers and the cost of the bounced check fee.

Plus, you have no recourse. You sent the money willingly, so they didn’t steal the money. Your bank suspects you of criminal activity, so you are now on a list of scammers and con artists. You did all this to get money you hadn’t earned. If you haven’t already begun this fruitless adventure, don’t start it.