Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

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Three Reasons Why You Should Attend Scrum Webinars

Suppose you are a scrum master, scrum developer, scrum team member, or scrum product owner (or interested in being one) and want to learn more about the framework. In that case, this article is for you. We will explore three reasons to attend Scrum webinar.

1) You get access to experts who can share their knowledge with your team: Many people find it difficult to find time outside of work hours for training sessions to help them grow as professionals and tackle challenges head-on. Webinars eliminate that issue by reaching out to anyone with an internet connection and providing an opportunity for people worldwide.
2) You can meet like-minded individuals: If you’re feeling disconnected from your scrum team, Scrum webinars are a great way to find others who have similar experiences and frustrations. This can be especially helpful if the company is undergoing some changes or restructuring- it can make the transition much more accessible by learning what other people in your situation are going through.

Finally, many scrum webinars are geared towards beginners and provide an opportunity to learn from the experts

Scrum is a project management methodology that has been around for over 30 years. It has three core scrum principles: clarity, inspection, and adaptation. The scrum framework provides a set of guidelines on how to manage projects to complete them successfully and efficiently. Scrum webinars are interactive presentations where the presenter talks about concepts and best practices while also answering questions from participants online or via call-in phone lines during the presentation.