Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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Using Florescent Light Tubes

Fluorescent lights are a versatile source of light for many different applications. Originally a replacement for the mercury lamps that were standard on electric fireplaces and for industrial welding equipment, fluorescent lights were eventually adopted as the standard light for outdoor lighting. Today they are used for the patio, poolside, holiday lighting, security lighting, and so much more.

Florescent Light Tubes can be purchased in most hardware stores, and they are available in several different wattages. You can generally find them in three different sizes: twenty-watt, fifty-watt, and one hundred-watt model. While the higher wattage models are typically more expensive, many people find the extra money worth it due to the increased light output and extended life of the bulbs. Regardless of the wattage you choose, fluorescent light tubes are an excellent way to dramatically upgrade the look of your outdoor lighting.