Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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What Is Gluteal Augmentation?

Gluteal augmentation (sometimes referred to as buttock augmentation or a ‘butt lift’) refers to the process of surgically placing fat or artificial devices into buttocks to create more volume or to shape them.

Fat grafting involves transferring fat from one part of the body into the tissues of the buttocks and is sometimes referred to as a ‘Brazilian butt lift’. Buttock implants are silicone-filled devices that are inserted deep within the tissues of the buttocks.

Augmentation is usually performed to achieve larger buttocks or to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing or desirable shape. They are also used by people that have lost a significant amount of weight (as a result of diet or bariatric surgery) and experience sagging or an abnormal shape in the buttock area.

As well as augmentation, liposuction can be used when a patient wishes to reduce the size of their buttocks by removing excess fat from them.