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What Is The Gita

Vedic culture is enriched with highly knowledgeable religious books and Gita is one of those. Today you will get to know “what is Gita“.
Lord Krishna was known to be an incarnation of hindu god “Vishnu”. In the epic war of “Mahabharata” when one of the Pandava warrior “Arjuna” refused to fight with his own relatives, Krishna gave the discourse to Arjuna to awaken his spirit. Sanjay, the charioteer of “Dhritrashtra” who was father of “Kauravas”, narrated the whole discourse to Dhritrashtra. Dhritrashtra was blind and was unable to witness the war. Sanjay was blessed by the great sage “Vyasa” to witness all the war from distance.
The conversation between Sanjay and Dhritrashtra was written into a scripture “Gita” by saint Vyasa.Gita motivates us to focus on our goals and teaches us to overcome any fear due to negative results. Gita defines the real meaning of life.