Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

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Why Buy Byron Bay Candles?

Byron Bay candles are soy-based and come in unscented and scented. If they are scented, they are infused with non-toxic fragrances. The base product, soy is a bean, which means these candles are eco-friendly. Byron Bay Candles are sold as free-standing pillars, as candle sticks, in jars, and as tea lights.

All the candle jars are sustainable and can be reused repeatedly without harming the contents. Byron Bay is in Byron Bay, Australia during the Byron Art & Industry’s community. Established in 2001, Byron Bay is a thriving business that benefits from its laid-back beachside environment.

The company prides itself in its attention to the preservation of health and the environment. It only uses quality ingredients to make its products: cotton wicks, pure soy wax, aromatic fragrances, and pure essential oils. Each reed-diffuser and candle are hand poured to ensure there are no contaminants to harm or pollute the environment.