Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

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Be Thrill with Bweetbix Eating

What is a bucks party without bucks games? The games spice up the event and drive boredom away. The essence of buck party games is to liven up the atmosphere so guests can have as much fun as they can and even have the experience linger on in their memories for as long as possible.

  This game is ideal for a Bucks party “Olympics”, when a few contestants compete against one other. It’s impossible to get a dry wet mix biscuit down. It draws all moisture out of the mouth, making swallowing impossible. As the contestant tries to get the oxygen in, weetbix flakes are sprayed everywhere…    

You’ll love the Bweetbix Eating and even want to have more of it long after it’s completed. These are the type of games you look forward to bucks parties. More game ideas here.