Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

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Kik Sexting Gone wild

As fun as sexting and the use of the kik app may be for married people, teenagers on the other hand have made the messaging app appear more of a sexting app. And that’s because it is basically what they use the kik app for—just  like other sexting apps. Therefore, the desire for kik sexting has gone far and gone wild.

But be careful while using Kik sexting, and the reasons are below:

  • High moral decadence among teens: Teenagers as we know can be so curious and excited trying out a new thing. They get so sexually sensitive and responsive that they throw caution in the wind while kik sexting. Remember, it’s their adolescent stage.
  • Early exposure to sexual intercourse: Kids like to try out what they see. Beyond kik sexting, they could try out something horny and get down with each other at the slightest opportunity- physical contact.
  • Lack of concentration at school
  • Cyberbullying