Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

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Shark Vs Dyson: Microcosm Of Capitalism

The undying rivalry between Shark vs Dyson demonstrates the resilience of the capitalist system. These two economic combatants seem to be forever locking horns in the fight for world dominance. However, a clear winner seems to have emerged from an all-out war.

Named after the peerless predator of the high seas, this firm’s products are within reach of even the most penny-pinching consumers. So much so that it’s surprising why the company hasn’t decided to sell its products in the dollar and other thrift stores. For as little as twenty dollars, one can be in possession of a vacuum cleaner that knows how to corner every nook and cranny of every home.

And not only that. It’s light enough to carry even for a baby. Want to clean up your floor in a jiffy? Go ahead, have fun with the cleaning, and while you’re at it, there’s no need to worry about the sweat on your back.

Why do you have to worry about investing in a dust snorter that lasts for a lifetime when you can break your back and the bank in the process? In these hard times, we all need to think on top of the evolutionary chain.