Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Super Glue For Veins

With all the new ways of treating varicose veins and other venous diseases around the only way to go for a non-risky, non-invasive way of doing this procedure is Venaseal.

Dubbed as the Super Glue for Veins, Venaseal will help in the healing process as it not only means fewer needle pricks and or cuts but acts like a glue that helps even quicker healing when Therma-dynamic procedures are performed.

This process works by the medical professional inserting this dynamic new glue into the damaged vein so it can bypass the vein mentioned into healthier veins which will relieve the sufferer of this pain associated with the disease.

The process is quite simply explained in four steps:

1: The glue is inserted into the damaged vein area via a catheter

2: Pressure and Thermodynamic heat is applied to the are to glue it close

3: The catheter is then removed

4: The mall hole is covered with a bandage

and there we all done.