Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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What Is A Drum Lifter And Dumper?

A drum lifter and dumper is a mechanical device that is used to handle and control 44-gallon drums when moving them or emptying their contents. It consists of a metal frame that can straddle, counterbalance or hold stationary the weight of the drum. It usually consists of a front-mounted strap that holds the drum in place and various additional devices for securely holding the drum, lifting the drum to different heights and controlling the angle at which it is held to facilitate emptying its contents.

These devices are sometimes powered to help with locating and emptying the drum and can come in AC powered, DC powered and compressed air power variants. Other features include having floor locks to help with safety, scales to measure weight when emptying them and are coated with powder coat finishes (including some FDA approved epoxy finishes).