Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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What Is A Herb Vaporizer?

A herb vaporizer heats herbs for smoking but does not produce any smoke, which is usually what causes people to cough. A vaporizer heats the herb or concentrate just enough so that it activates the THC inside it but not so much heat that it combusts and results in smoke.

Unlike smoking herb using joints or bongs, a vaporizer lets you control your does precisely and avoids being drawn into smoking. Some studies, in fact, have suggested that smoke itself has negative effects on your lungs and, as a result, vaping is considered a less harmful alternative than receiving your THC through traditional methods such as smoking a joint.

Herb vaporizers come in a range of sizes, colours and forms. Many include adjustable heat settings so that you can get your desired dose of THC at a temperature level that is most comfortable for you.