Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

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Organize Your Photo Albums

Physical photo albums may seem like something of a relic. After all, most people are now capturing their photos digitally and storing them online. There’s still something charming about having a book that collects all your pictures, however. Whether you’re putting together a set of scrapbooks or just printing out a lot of your recent photos, consider how you want to organize the albums.

There’s always a case to be made for chronological order. You can have one album for a specific year or a set of years. You can also organize your pictures according to events. One album could be for vacations, for example, and another may be for parties. Whatever you decide, you’ll likely enjoy collecting and organizing your photos in these physical binders when there’s a specific plan in place that you’re following. It will also be easier to show them off to friends and family.