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The List Of Art Framing Supplies

Art framing supplies includes everything needed to properly preserve and display artwork, which encompasses many visual genres. Paintings, drawings, string art, photographs, woven arts, stitched art, and papier Mache all belong to those categories of art that are commonly framed.

The Common Materials Used for Framing Art

1) Wood and Metal Frame

2) Mat Board

3) Mounting Board

4) Linen Hinge Tape

5) Sheets of Glass or Acrylic/Plexiglass

6) Picture Frame Spacers

7) Masking Tape

8) Utility Knives

9) Point Shooter

10) A metal square

11) Rulers

The above list is a basic list of framing supplies but does not include what is necessary for building the actual frame, only preparing the art for display in the frame. Most non-professionals do not build their own frames, but many prepare artwork for framing using pre-built frames. The important thing to note in framing is that non-archival materials will cause the artwork to turn yellow if they are touching it. Always use archival matte and form board when framing artwork.